We are a manufacturing company with a mission to revolutionize sanitation and hygiene through designing and building innovative technology and products in the critical sanitation sector with the aim of improving people’s health and hygiene standards.

Toilet bowl water splashback is a major drawback in our flush toilets. It leads to infections such as

UTIs mostly among women, cholera, diarrhea, dysentery among others. UTIs are very dangerous to women and can be fatal in the following ways:

  • Recurring and untreated UTIs cause kidney failure and eventually death.
  • UTIs cause vaginal odors.
  • UTIs cause pain to women during sexual intercourse.
  • UTIs lead to reduced concentration in class (for the students) thus a gradual drop in performance which eventually leads to failure.
  • UTIs lead to reduced concentration at workplaces (for the working ladies) thus a gradual drop in individual productivity which eventually leads to job loss.

Both public and private sanitation facilities in Nairobi and Africa at large are often not maintained to a high standard of cleanliness contributing to the risk of infections from splashback during use. These toilets serve thousands of people majorly hawkers and small scale business people who spend most of their time in town more than their homes and have no option other than using the public toilet facilities as a call of nature is a natural and normal process on a daily basis. This is also the case to the working people who share the same toilets at the workplace and also students in schools.

We have come in and developed a unique product, which we’ve called Hygiene RIX, which perfectly solves the issue of toilet bowl water splashback during use. The product takes the following forms;
1. Hygiene RIX Powder – this is a 20 grams sachet ideal for use in any public facility such as schools, workplaces, etc as can be carried around in a handbag or pocket.
2. Hygiene RIX Liquid – comes in different capacities ranging from 250ml to 1 litre. Ideal for use at home.
3. Automated Hygiene RIX dispenser – designed for institutions such as hotels, offices, and any other well maintained high-end facility. Used with the Hygiene RIX liquid.

All of the above perform the same way when used.

When dropped in the toilet bowl water (for the powder), or when put or dispensed in the toilet bowl water (for the liquid), the product creates a thick foam that totally prevents toilet bowl water splashback!

While also serving the other toilet sanitary functions for ultimate toilet hygiene practices.

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  • April 2018: Registered the company
  • April 2018 – March 2019: Research and product development
  • April 2019: Got the patent
  • September 2019: Official participants at the Oslo Innovation week, Norway
  • November 2019: Fellows at the Young Water Solutions East Africa Edition
  • December 2019: Conducted the piloting phase
    January 2020: Officially rolled out to the market; launched Hygiene RIX!

It has been a journey!

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Frank Mwakitakula
Chief Executive Officer

With a background in Economics & Finance, he brings on board Finance, Management and Accounting skills. His thorough and precise approach to projects as seen in recent years such as the Young Savers Kenya project comes in handy to yield results for Arigiene.

Frank Mwakitakula
Chief Executive Officer
Jolliffe Mwadime
Director Product Development

With a background in Robotics & Automation Engineering, he brings on board the required skills and knowledge to design and build the special censored automated hygiene rix systems with a provision for continuous improvement and innovations. Being a Senior Technical Specialist at a leading company in Kenya, he brings on board over 8 years of experience in the field.

Jolliffe Mwadime
Director Product Development


No one can avoid the call of nature. We happen to visit toilets about 2500 times a year and may be more when having a bad stomach during many times a year.


Germs from a flushing toilet can move ahead up to 6 feet. Every time you flush your toilet, germs get air lifted and can become a potential cause of infection. Therefore, it is advised to move out quickly once you flush the toilet.


One may be prone to kidney and bladder diseases, if they suppress their urination just because the toilets at public places are not clean.


An estimated 2.6 billion people around the world lack access to a modern toilet.


The average person spends a cumulative three years sitting on a toilet during his or her life.


Men take more time in the toilet than women.


Around 90% of the medicine taken is excreted through urine; the sewer systems in cities across the world contain high doses of drugs.


An average expectancy of a toilet is 50 years.


Toothbrushes that are kept within 6 feet of a toilet are covered in airborne bacteria from flushing.


Lack of suitable toilets and sanitation kills approximately 1.8 million people a year, many of them children.


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I have been part of Hygiene Rix beta test, can't wait to see it in the supermarket!
John Kafusi -
I never thought we could ever find a solution to toilet bowl water splash back with such a cool product! Am amazed
Rozy Njokii -
At least I can use the public toilets, I fear splash back a lot
Nairobi City hawker -
I have been a victim of toilet infections severally, splash back is also irritating, Hygiene Rix is a product I've long been waiting for
Kenyatta University Female stuff -

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